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c d

I may consider this as the healthiest pasta I had ever eaten! I like it! I am thankful my mother cooked some of this for me.


Yum! I made this at the end of October inspired by some earlier posts of yours. ≥^!^≤

I could find only frozen mentaiko, but it was delicious. You are right about the soy sauce: The recipe I used called for it, but I'd skip it next time and maybe use a little more butter.

Albany Jane

Oh, this looks like such a great recipe - I really appreciate your thorough steps. Very easy to follow!

I've got some tarma roe in my fridge and I think I will try it like this. Yum!

april marie girl japan

Well done you! Mentaiko is a favorite dish....

Mari L'Esperance



This is one of my favourite ways to eat pasta--it's quick, simple and delicious.
I'll bet it's even better when your mentaiko comes from Tsukiji and is actually fresh!


Thanks! Don't worry too much if you can only find frozen mentaiko— good frozen roe is still better than crappy fresh mentaiko.

Health Care Blog

Wow Very nice! I'll try to use this recipe this new year's eve. Thanks for sharing!

xbox 360 casque

I have a craziness for spaghetti. This thing is going to be delicious. I will surely try it. Anyway, thanks for the recipe.


Beautiful recipe with excellent, detailed instructions! Your blog is such a lovely source of information and inspiration to me as a lover of Japanese food culture eager to learn more!

Chinese Culture Food

Wow, the cooking method of this dish is great, I'll try it later and I hope it tastes the way it look. Thanks for sharing!


I tried this recipe just now and I can seem to get enough - really great!


I'm not really use of eating spaghetti with white sauce but this one is an exception. I have tasted this spaghetti and its a blast for me.


This surely is an interesting recipe..I am excited how it'll turn out. :)


WOW! I will definitely give this one a try!
Thanks for sharing.


I love pasta (and Japanese food) and will surely give this one a try!!


I had this at a semi-fancy japanese restaurant and love it. I didn't know that it's so easy to make. Thanks so much!


Hmmm nice! I love it... Yummy!!

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